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Mayor Marion Grayson's infrastructure: 13th & College St.

"As taxpayers, they've had that dilapidated road for as long as Marion has been on the City Council."

Belton reader advises residents in annexation area not to switch service -
The Killeen Daily Herald: Letters To The Editor 
Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016 4:30 am

To The Editor:

Per the Nov. 1 article headlined, “Landowners speak out against Belton annexation,” for Belton citizens who are about to be annexed, the city’s growth management explanation is a farce. 

Whatever the outcome, do not switch from your current trash service to city trash service. Once you do, you are stuck. If you switch, then become an unsatisfied customer, you have no option of switching back or to better service.

Most trash services will not take you on as a new customer if you are in the city limits because they are forced to sign an agreement to not service people annexed into the city’s new boundary.

Though the city ordinance reads that if you refuse to pay trash fees, the city will cut your trash service off (Utilities, Ch. 23; collection and enforcement of utility bills, § 23-186; Sec. 8-3. Failure to pay); the truth is, that while you are not required to use their trash service, it is mandatory, and billing you will continue for their garbage service. You will have to pay your new way of disposing of your trash and also pay the city’s trash service fee.

Belton’s city leadership also supports the act of placing liens on your property if you refuse tp use and pay their trash service fees. More proof: Our area was annexed in 2004. 

Even though they promised to provide better services than what the county was providing, it took eight years for them to provide street maintenance that the county regularly provided.

What they promised us before annexations was nothing but a bundle of lies. I’ve had enough of it and it’s one of the reasons I am moving.

Michael Ware Belton
Temple Daily Telegram would not print this letter:

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  • Sep 19 at 10:32 AM

To The Editor:

Per TDT article 9/13 on Belton’s Budget meeting and nobody showing up. Under the same culprits sitting on the council since city manager Sam Listi came to Belton, showing up at public meetings remains a joke. Unless a person is in the council’s circle of friends, the outcome is the same - futile.  Belton citizens would get more results from a group of mules. 

Citizens about to be annexed will realize this after the pending asinine hearings.

Put no trust in any of them. They are good actors. After annexations, don’t be surprised when promises turn into lies as we've experienced in southwest Belton area.

They promised sewer and water; after annexation, the city manager said he couldn’t get water uphill; no sewage either, even though we all know it runs downhill.

After annexation, don’t switch to city trash service. There is no opting-out. In our case, our trash service repeatedly skipped our house - a service we paid for. We got no refunds, adjusted bills, and all my Christian council members ignored complaints - nothing less than thievery.

Even today, the city street is overgrown with weeds. We never had that problem under county’s care. 

The council cares less how they damage relationships with city government instead of building positive relationships.  It’s a timed strategy that discourages people enough that they refuse to show at public meetings.

Single Districts would force officials to represent equally, bring respect back to the people and improve attendance at public meetings.

Joe Trevino, Jr.
Belton  TX

Letter to the editor - Temple Daily Telegram

Temple student art controversy

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 4:00 am

Regarding John Galligan’s recent letter to the editor about his disappointment with the Temple Independent School District administration’s response on some controversial art displayed at a recent gallery showing.

While I steadfastly disagree with the opinion of a few young students on policing in America, I also know their expression is protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution. 

Like in any profession, some police have failed to honor their oath, but I remain confident that the vast majority of police officers sworn to protect and serve will willingly protect those kids against all peril.

In the end, I remind myself that government and school districts have no role in censoring their thoughts, even when I disagree with them.

And, innovative educators often use moments like these as a springboard to promote healthy discussion.

As for Galligan’s offer to teach those who disappointed him about “the real world of crime and law enforcement,” I’d much rather place my trust in educators and our police department to facilitate this debate than send them on a field trip with an attorney who once vigorously defended the terrorist who slaughtered military and civilian patriots at Fort Hood.

Ron Germann


Letter to the editor

Resident defends Little River-Academy

Posted: Friday, June 17, 2016 4:00 am

In response to Mr. Trevino, a regular contributor to the Telegram, printed May 19:

Having been raised around Little River-Academy and now raising my own family here, I accept that I may be seen as a little more “redneck” than folks from our neighboring cities, but I wanted to clarify a few of your claims.

As taxpayers in Little River-Academy, we pay taxes to the federal government, the state of Texas, Bell County and the school district. We do not, however, pay taxes to the city of Little River-Academy. Perhaps it is time to consider doing so. Maybe we should join the ranks of those in neighboring towns who pay an ever-increasing portion of our hard-earned income so that another government entity can address our every need.

Or maybe we can continue to participate in one small bastion of American self-reliance where family cares for family, neighbors look after neighbors and we mow our own little league fields. Where a judge can use his judgment in regard to each case brought before his court.

I don’t even think it is unusual to sift through several candidates to replace an honorable police chief who was murdered in the line of duty.

Life here may be a little harder and require some personal responsibility, but my family will cling to every last bit of liberty we can, as will most of our town’s grandfathers. Many of whom served in our nation’s military, including (now former) Mayor Ronnie White.

Britt Mauldin

Little River-Academy

Belton resident takes issue with award for city’s Nolan Creek project

Posted: Saturday, December 12, 2015 2:44 pm

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To The Editor:

What a joke to read Texas Downtown awarding Belton Nolan Creek as the best Texas project for under 50k population in Texas!

I remember reading some years ago Belton’s mayor pro tem telling the Temple Daily Telegram that people would come from out of state to swim in Nolan Creek. The same report recorded all city councilmen in collusion except for one.

Jerri Gaunt was the only one who showed fiscal responsibility and voted against wasting tax dollars to put people in Nolan Creek for entertainment.

Thank you, Councilwoman Gaunt, for putting cleanliness and taxpayers first.

I hope all those who favor putting people from out of state in Nolan Creek are going to advise them of 200k gallons of waste water that spilled into the creek on Oct. 30 and the nearly 300,000 gallons of sewage that spilled into the creek in 2011.

If not, maybe I can go into business converting old septic tanks into swimming pools.

As long as the honest councilwoman, Jerri Gaunt, doesn’t tell, I could make a better return on my investment than Belton has with the Nolan Creek project. I’m just saying …

Charles Berry


Letter to the editor
Nolan Creek E. coli dangers

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Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2015 4:00 am

Referencing the Telegram’s article (Aug. 30) “Creek still attracts swimmers despite health risk;” that article missed on educating the public on risks, such as long-term effects from E. coli infection which can be fatal (i.e. HUS, particularly in children under 5 years and the elderly; blood cells are destroyed and kidneys fail).

Water that has a history of having contained human waste, agriculture/street/ditch runoff and high levels of E. coli bacteria is unsafe for people to entertain in.

City spokesman Paul Romer saying, “The water testing was totally self-initiated,” is an attempt to show responsibility, but action speaks louder. Will we see that self-initiative with payment of medical bills if someone does get sick? Of course not, thus the signage “swim at own risk,” limiting the city’s liability.

That article stated that other than a sewage spill from Killeen in 2011, there were no known problems with the water quality. That statement is worse than a July 24 Telegram report saying the creek was only contaminated in Killeen but not down the creek in Belton. Lifelong citizens know better than that. We know the history of the creek. We’re not dumb.

Romer’s claim “… tons more people than anticipated came to swim ...” is questionable. There are 2,000 pounds in a ton.

That entire article seemed to be an effort to help promote and justify wasteful spending, money down the creek, leaving taxpayers up the creek.

Martha Berry


Temple Daily Telegram - Letter to the editorQuestions on Amaya's reinstatement

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Posted: Saturday, September 6, 2014 4:00 am

As a Hispanic male (age 63) I feel what I’m sure some minorities are feeling in the case of Daniel Amaya.

I’m no angel — when younger I had run-ins with Temple Police (three DWIs and a few public intoxications). Although I wouldn’t see the arresting officers points of view I nevertheless hope I’ve become a better person for the experiences. For the most part Temple Police do a commendable job.

In the Aug. 28 Amaya story, justice was sorely lacking. It’s a shame a couple of bad apples lowered the respect of myself, as well as some other residents (not just minorities).

The other bad apple that comes to mind is Jeremy Bales, a former Temple Police officer. With the reinstatement of Amaya, I’ll probably soon be reading of Bales’ reinstatement in the Telegram. I don’t fault Police Chief Gary Smith, but it 

just makes it seem as though it doesn’t matter that Chief Smith did what he could do to remove these two officers (yes, I saw the video). Amaya now gets his job back, with the exception of 15 days of lost wages and benefits, with reimbursement of said wages and benefits. It just seems as if one of these officers feels that he can flaunt the law and get away with it (with back pay and benefits).

I feel for Polices Chief Smith. He did what he felt was the right thing, but because of some loopholes in the examiner’s hearing, Amaya is free to patrol our streets again. Not only is justice blind, sometimes it’s just … never mind. No wonder some folks have lost their faith, trust, whatever, in the police and it’s a shame.

Paul Madrigal


Another letter submitted to Temple Daily rejected for publishing:

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Sent: Sunday, March 2, 2014 12:00 PM
Subject: letter to editor

To The Editor:

With passing of life-long south Belton resident, Mrs. Johnnie Ruth Nelson, I want to say to all parties involved, the service Johnnie Ruth was given was absolutely awesome, uplifting and honorable.

Johnnie Ruth’s work is immeasurable in her work as activist, volunteer, employee in contributions to the Belton community. It has been an honor to serve with her as a member of Belton Concerned Community Alliance. 

One of the projects Johnnie Ruth brought to the table was the all-black cemetery in north Belton.

A once obscure and poorly maintained cemetery is now preserved and recognized in Belton history through the Belton Preservation Historical Society of Belton. A dedication replaced the name, ‘Belton Colored Cemetery’ to, ‘Far North Belton Cemetery.’  BCCA also sponsored an application for a Texas Historical Cemetery designation. 

Many thanks to Johnnie Ruth Nelson, city council member Jerri Gaunt, local historian Nancy Kelsey, city staff and BCCA members.

Having a member pass away like Mrs. Nelson is a great loss to Belton and BCCA. Even in her illness, she focused on other's needs. I am forever in debt to those who put total stranger’s well-being in front of their own crisis to be the difference.

How do we replace members like Johnnie Ruth? We can't!  We carry her work forward, in Christ, never allowing the work to be in vain.

Johnnie Ruth’s last words to me after our meeting in support of a Dr. Martin Luther King street was, “I don’t give up - never give up, I've lived a good life, God has been good to me.” - Truly inspiring.

Joe Trevino, Jr.
President: Belton Concerned Community Alliance





Now it makes perfect sense as to why The Temple Daily Telegram doesn't publish letters about the 9th Avenue Bridge that will primarily serve the University of Mary Hardin Baylor Belton. The below endorsment of the bridge also confirms why letters, like the one Killeen Daily printed on the right, are being censored.

Pollution will hurt Nolan Creek development

Posted: Saturday, May 18, 2013 4:30 am

To the Editor:

The short rain spell washed more pollution down Nolan Creek, into Belton.

How long will the solid waste pollution remain before it is cleaned?

These are the same areas our city officials will dump tax dollars.

This will be a continuous consumption of tax dollars in altering natural river banks and cleanup.

Water entertainment should not cost thousands upon thousands to clean up, pay thousands in insurance deductions for repairs, etc. Nolan Creek is not fit for entertainment, as the Guadalupe River is.

Nolan Creek is a continual recipient of pollution and trash flowing west to east. Where did all this trash come from? Killeen, Harker Heights, Nolanville?

Joe Trevino Jr.



  • Viktor posted at 1:25 am on Sun, Apr 14, 2013.
    Posts: 202

    Good points in this letter.

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  • Dr Strangelove posted at 9:25 am on Sat, Apr 13, 2013.
    Posts: 150

    Well they have a statue dedicated to “Our Confederate Hero’s” in the city square—that should tell you a lot Joe. As a guy from up north I look at it as a statue dedicated to traitors of the United States.

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