9th Ave Bridge Waste

According to a traffic study by Lee Engineering, LLC in Dallas TX, the bridge “will primarily serve university traffic” have minimal regional use and not attract significant diversion traffic from FM 93 to the south or Sparta Road to the north
(Temple Daily 11-7-12)

Partners supporting bridge for tax-exempt football stadium:

You have a right to know about debt issued in your name

#1 Go here to Texas Bond Review Board  http://www.brb.state.tx.us/

#2 Click on Local Government Info.
#3 Click on Searchable Local Government Outstanding Debt Database 
#4 From there click on City Debt Outstanding - Searchable Database
#5 Use drop down menu to get to Belton. 

Texas Bond Review Board, Texas’ local government debt exceeds $300 billion. Unlike figures reported by most local government entities, this includes principal plus interest. The Lone Star State is second only to California in total debt and second only to New York in per capita debt

Here Comes more Snake Oil

Get ready folks. Belton's city officials are busconcocting

another scheme to bypass the electorate, straight from the Good Ol' Boy Play-Book. Certificates of Obligation.  Remember, it was Bell County Judge Jon Burrows with

Commissioner Dick Cortese

who bypassed voters to build the

Loop 121 Taj Mahal & Penal Colony (a.ka. Justice Center)

leaving a $5.7mil empty jail on Central and Main St.

Belton's leaders falsely refer to Central Avenue as "Patriot Way," But there is nothing "Patriotic" in bypassing the elecorate/voters.

Our military serve/d/s to preserve and protect the American Way -


Click on buttons to hear sound clips of Belton City Council Meeting of July 9, 2013. This is their first step in their schemes to bypass all voters.  

Notice council person David K Leigh's comment "Spreading the wealth."  Interesting comments, however, he and the council are over a decade behind on spreading the wealth. The millions of dollars that he and his friends have managed to funnel into the surrounding areas of his church, university, movie theater, do not compare with South Belton.