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Belton Texas Street Sweeper - letter to editor that KDH and TDT would not publish

To The Editor:

On 7/23 Temple Daily reporter, Mr. Sanchez wrote and article on Belton’s drainage fee increase for a street-sweeper.  The article read more like it was promoting or justifying costs.

The writer created a fictitious story about the street-sweeper named, "The Beast," however, it was more like The Wizard of Oz, complete with winged monkeys and OZ, who is eventually revealed as nothing but a conman.

When the drainage fee was first introduced, the mayor and career council members claimed the fees were an effort to keep rivers/creeks clean.  Evidence of that claim can be seen on signage beside Nolan Creek that is annually laden with the same bacteria that can be found in feces.

More evidence is that Belton officials in the past have blamed cities west of us for the dirty creek. I guess that means they need to raise their drainage fees and purchase street sweepers as well.

The council’s assertion that storm drainage would be clogged without a street sweeper is inaccurate.  Many areas the council greedily grabbed via annexation have never had problems the mayor would like you to believe.

Taxpayers in southwest Belton, like Village Hill, have only seen the nearly $150k street sweeper twice since annexation. The first time was in 2009 and this year after I complained about city again being out of compliance with their own grass ordinance and street maintenance needed.

I would like Mayor Marion Grayson to prove her comments that annexed area drainage is cleaner because of the street-sweeper. In fact, provide figures of how many times the sweeper has visited the areas. I bet we could count them on one hand.

This street-sweeper is just an excuse to get more. If they were serious about their primary goal, they would enforce the laws. Fine landscaping companies who blow debris into the street (i.e. as witnessed when Main Street FBC does its landscaping).

The drainage fund should be used to replace curbs made from a pile of tar that the city installed in south Belton areas with real curbs. They should stop squandering funds like they did by purchasing water drop costumes for Halloween.

Joe Trevino Jr

Belton Police Chief Protects His Dirt Bag Officer Anthony Adame #224

Letter to Editor that KDH and TDT would not publish

To The Editor:

On 5-19-15, Belton cop, Anthony Adame #224 went overboard in his authority during a routine traffic stop. Statute of limitations expired last week after trying to hold him accountable for creating $3,810 in damages.

Video and photos can be seen here:

Anthony Adame began falsely accusing the driver who has no criminal record and is employed:

“The center console is where he usually – where the weed is normally stored;”

“I’m just seeing if there is a big bundle in there, but that’s where you keep it at;”

“That’s where it (weed) was at, sitting on top.”

After 40min and no weed found, Adame says, “I have the hinkering that you may be selling it;” “I didn’t find nothing – you probably sold it, that’s why you probably have that cash on you; ” “I bet if we looked at your cell phone you probably talk about fucking selling green and smoking and all that other shit.

Adame tells him, “You stick out like a sore thumb coming out of Bell Oaks.”

It sure wasn’t the 1995 Seville that needs a paint job that sticks out in that low-income neighborhood. Is it because the driver looks Caucasian in an area that is majority African American? We call that racial profiling, Adame.

Adame is then heard saying “I’m not accusing you…” then as the driver leaves, the video continues and Adame is heard saying, “That is dope money, all them fives and tens, and didn’t stop there, he had about two-hundred in twenties – he just dropped-off at Bell Oaks and now all that weed is over there now.”

Most disturbing of all is that Chief Gene Ellis invited the driver to come to department to discuss, but after Killeen LULAC, NAACP and media is CC’d, the chief no longer wanted to meet.

Joe Trevino, Jr.

Belton TX