Belton City Manager thanks the city council for his raise, fails to thank the citizens 

Belton City Official are once again pissin'-off the good citizens of Belton.  When does it end? Just last year 2017 they were trying to take property from South Belton homeowners in a land grab which caused a huge uprising. Governor Greg Abbot called their actions "Un-Texan."  What citizens need is a strategic plan of their own. Citizens need to elect three to four new council members. That will completely stop the city manager in his tracks. Form a P.A.C All candidate names that run can go on one sign.  Keep in mind that this city council has four members who are in the Main Street First Baptist Church which is linked with UMHBIt is important to know those people are tightly tangled together and will never disagree with one another on the city council in order to protect their seats, control peopleself serve and profit from their office 

Belton's realtor-mayor, Marion Grayson - proving to be as former realtor-mayor Covington, "Useless!"

From early as 2000, when city manager Sam Listi came to Belton, the mayor and city council have repeatedly ignored citizen’s requests to improve areas in south Belton that are dangerous and have dilapidated infrastructure and poor aesthetics.

Many south Belton citizens rely on good transportation systems (roads and sidewalks) to get to stores, public buildings and restaurants. Currently, due to existing, dangerous conditions of sidewalks, pedestrians are forced to walk in the streets which create more danger to the public. They simply do not care.

Many homeowners are not aware that when they purchased their homes, even though the property they purchased is within their property pins, a dangerous sidewalk that always existed in front of their home, in the city’s right-of-way, is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair. Should a pedestrian trip, fall and become seriously injured, the nightmare becomes that of the homeowner. The homeowner is liable and can be sued.


Code of Ordinances Chapter 20 -


The Belton Journal is not listed above

due to the owner's refusal to publish news or opinion letters from citizens who oppose the actions of Belton's elected officials. The journal should not be considered as a serious news source, but merely a church's bulletin.

You can make a change in City of Belton TX. Learn how to stop Belton's Good Ol' Boys from using your tax-dollars to serve their own interests. Click Here

Texas Legislature takes away bond alternative 8-21-2015 by J Lyn Carl

COs do not require voter approval.
That option is going away Sept. 1, when legislation from the 84th Texas Legislature, HB 1378, becomes law.